Buy Here Pay hHere

Buy Here Pay Here: Whitehall (PA)

Have you been turned away from a lending institution or dealership due to bad credit? There is an alternative option to bank and credit union loans that demand terrific credit scores – buy here pay here car lots in Whitehall, PA.

Unlike a standard bank or investment company, they won’t automatically turn you away due to poor credit.

They take a look at your income and finances to identify the autos for which you qualify.

Suggested Monthly Budget: Whitehall, PA

You want to allocate only one-fifth of your take-home pay for vehicles, and less than 10% on your monthly payment itself. Say pull down $3,599 a month (the Whitehall average), this equates to $360 each month. If possible, shell out less than 10%.

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Getting your credit approved in advance by a buy here pay here car lot in Whitehall, PA is a good idea. It’s easy to complete your quick online application. You could be in the driver’s seat in just one day.

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