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Buy Here Pay Here: Pittston (PA)

Getting a car financed is often perplexing, if not maddening, especially when you have a bad credit report. Have you talked to a car lot that handles credit themselves? These dealerships are experts in helping buyers who have unfavorable credit ratings.

Whereas a standard dealership prefers that you pick out a vehicle right off the bat, then talks financing, in house financing auto lots are the opposite. The majority of finance pros will advise that your car payment be priced at at the most 10% of how much you bring in every month. Car dealers at times have an unhealthy practice of talking you into spending more than is prudent on a car or truck. Fight the urge. Investing more than this will damage your finances. Do not be fooled into believing this isn’t the case.

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Some in house financing dealers pre-approve credit online. It’s our goal to get your credit approved…right now!