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Because of these tough economic times, lenders have updated their credit standards, and that means it’s more difficult than previously to get approved for auto loans. The good thing is, the auto financing process has been adapting to this new credit landscape. Traditionally, car dealers have been unable to get folks with below-average credit behind the wheel, so more and more dealers have been doing car loans themselves. They will not instantly reject you when your fico scores aren’t perfect.

While a conventional dealership helps you pick a car or truck straight away, then brings up financing, BHPH auto lots are the exact opposite.

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Generally speaking, experts suggest devoting less than 10% of your monthly wages for your monthly payment. Dealerships oftentimes indulge in an undesirable practice of persuading you to spend beyond what you should on a car or truck, so please keep the 10% principle in mind. When possible, invest less than this amount.

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You don’t have to wait forever finding a buy here pay here lot in Dover, PA who will accept your auto loan. We make it our goal to get you accepted…right now!

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