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Buy Here Pay Here: Cranberry Twp (PA)

Far too many shoppers who have below average credit believe that they’ve got no chance for financing a car, truck, or SUV and that their only option is to pay cash for a dirt-cheap car with more miles than they would like to have. Here is the good news: given that dealers traditionally are unable to sell vehicles to consumers who have been declined for a car loan, they have been offering car loans on site. As opposed to a standard banking company, they won’t instantly turn you down due to a bad credit score.

While an old-fashioned car dealership has you pick out your car or truck before discussing your financing agreement, BHPH auto lots go over financing before anything else.

Preferred Monthly Payments: Cranberry Twp, PA

In general, you should budget around 20 percent of your monthly income for vehicles and no more than 10% on your actual car loan payment. Say earn $5,549 every month (the Cranberry Twp average), this means $555 every month. How horrendous would it be to end up making your credit score even lower? Stick to your expense plan.

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Getting pre-approved by a buy here pay here car lot in Cranberry Twp, PA is highly recommended. We have numerous relationships with dealers that are able to accept you for financing online! Click This Link To Get Pre-Approved For BHPH Financing